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We hope you will enjoy using Aalborg Libraries.
Borrowing is for free, so just dive into the library’s extensive collections of books, movies, databases, computer games etc. 

The only thing you need in order to borrow from our collections and use our databases is a library membership.

Opening hours at The Main Library 

Service opening hours
Monday - Thursday 10-19, Friday 10-18 and Saturday 10-15

Monday - Thursday 8 -21, Friday 8-18, Saturday 9-17, Sunday 10-17

A list of the opening hours of the additional library branches can be found here.


Vores tilbud

The Immigration Legal Aid

Free legal advice and assistance in the area of immigration. Find us in Foredragssalen at the Main Library


23-08-2018 Hovedbiblioteket kl. 16:00


Hvis du er vild med Minecraft, så er Gamezones Minecraft-klub helt sikkert noget for dig.

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