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Do you study?

At the Main Library located at the center of Aalborg you can use our facilities such as free WIFI, you can buy a cup of coffee at the automat, and for your breaks even play at the arcade machines.

Besides the Main Library downtown, we have 12 libraries spread out in entire Aalborg Municipality.
Moreover, if you do not live near the libraries we have book busses, too – check the timetables here

All our libraries are open 7 days a week. Find the opening hours here

If you need to print or scan, we also offer you this opportunity. You can print from our computer or send to print from your own computer.
You need to open a print account to use this facility. Read more here

Book a librarian
Do you need help to optimize your information retrieval in connection with e.g. writing assignments, you can use the service Book a Librarian. Read more here

Find a seat
There are more than 40.000 students in Aalborg. Sometimes it is difficult to find a seat at the Main Library.
As alternative, you can try:
Historie Aalborg – Arkivstræde 1
If you need a quiet place, Historie Aalborg is our best recommendation.
AUB – Aalborg University Library
Like Aalborg Publice Libraries, Aalborg University Library has a few libraries spread out the city. It is free for everyone during opening hours where you meet the staff, and open for those who study at the university on 24-hour basis.

AUB i Nordkraft
AUB Strandvejen
AUB Langagervej
UCN Library:
If you are a student at University Collegue (UCN), you can use the libraries. For more information
The Students House (Studenterhuset) is located at Gl. Torv 10, you can find a quiet place with free WIFI. Other activities at the Students House
Located at Østre Havn, you find Studie:rummet which is a place for all to use. Follow the activites at Facebook

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