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Create an account for copy and print

In order to print and copy at Aalborg Public Libraries you need to open a copy/print account, onto which you transfer money. It is free to open a copy/print account and you decide how much money to transfer to it.

Create an account and transfer money here

About the account

You can open a print/copy account from all computers at the library, from home or from your laptop connected to our WiFi.
Your username must be a valid email account
Your password must have at least 4 letters or numbers
You can use a wide array of credit cards. If you are having trouble paying with your credit card, please contact our staff for help.
You can upload print from your own computer and print them by loggin on to one of our copiers. You will see an upload link, when you are logged in to the print system.

How to

Create an account

After you create an accout, you'll recieve an e-mail with a confirmation link.

When you have confirmed your account, you will be able to log in and post an amount to the account. You can deposit between 1 and 1000 dKr. The money will stay in the account, until they are spent.​


How to print and copy



Log on to one of our copiers using your user name and password. You will now be able to use the copy function. 


Print from one of our computers

Click print. You will then be asked for your user name and password. When you have entered the log in information, the print job is sent, at you can print it by loggin in to one of our copiers - again using your username and password. On the copier, you need to press the print job and then the "Print" button on the screen.


Print from your own computer

Log in to the print system and upload your document. When you have done this, your print job is sent and you can print it from one of our copiers by logging in using your username and password. On the copier, you need to press the print job and then the "Print" button on the screen.


Prices for print and copy

  • A4 format is 1 kr. pr. page (black/whit or colour)
  • A3 is 2 kr. pr. page (black/whit or colour)
  • Print on both sides of af page costs double  



During staffed hours faxes can be sent and received on tel. 9931 4390. The library's telefax will be handled by the library staff at all times - ask in the service area near the main entrance if you need to send or receive a message.

Price per page: 15 DKK.


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